Here at Jolly Wrappers
We are invested in making your vision come true

We understand your passion when modifying your vehicle, that's why we are dedicated to making your experience top notch!
We want to help you choose a vinyl wrap that will be best for you!

Please check out our services below
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Choosing a Vinyl

We want you to be happy with the end result of our product so we offer free consultations as a part of our service. This is where we will get an idea of what you would like done to the vehicle.

Bugatti or Honda
Same Care & Same Result

We want you to know that every vehicle that we take in is taken in with the same pride and care you have for your vehicle. We will do a full dismantle and detail of the necessary body panels and parts to achieve a quality product. No corners cut!

Fancy Design?
Let your imagination run wild

Here at Jolly Wrappers, we want your vision to come true! Bring us your most inspirational designs so we can bring them to life! Afterall your imagination is what inspires us to produce the best end result!

Don't be victim to road hazards
Get your PPF done too

That's right, we offer PPF. PPF? You ask. Yes Paint Protection Film. This will protect your car against the elements of daily driving! Avoid those rock chips, scratches or swirls with our PPF installation. You wont regret it!

How it works

Here is a brief explanation of how your visit to Jolly Wrappers will go

  • Send us a Message!

    For the quickest response, send us a message. This is where we will review your submission and then get you scheduled in for a consulation!

  • Appointment Day

    Your time is important to us, having an appointment is the best way we can serve you and our other clients. Upon arrival of your appointment we will do a walk around and take pictures to evaluate any prior damages. It's important to us that your vehicle is returned to you in the same condition it came in to provide a better service to you. Once your walk-around is done we will intake the vehicle and discuss color/design options you have in mind!

  • Time to get to work!

    After your request are input, we will get straight to work. We want to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible to share with the world! If anything comes up during our process that needs attention to, we will call you immediately with any additional requests!

  • Daily Updates

    Jolly Wrappers will update you as frequently as you request! We will contact you in anyway you choose via phone, text, email, or carrier pigeon. Our goal is to keep you updated on your vehicle as it moves through our shop!

  • Delivery Day

    Our team will complete your vehicle with finishing touches and full detail. Here at Jolly Wrappers, we want to deliver you the best product. We will do a complete detail inside and out for you to enjoy your new look! This is a complementry detail as requested!

  • Review Us!

    If you're happy with your vehicle after delivery we appreciate any reviews left. We always want to know how our product stands up. If for any reason you are un-happy with anything during the process we want to know about it so we can improve! Your opinion matters.


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